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The “Compact Agriculture” Concept

Agriculture has long faced a number of challenges in Japan: the nation’s working population is declining and aging, and farming is considered a “3D” job-dirty, dangerous, and demanding. In addition, the value of gross production of agriculture is falling, and Japan faces a trade deficit for agricultural products. Thanks to technological advances and a diversity of business models in recent years, however, expressions like “smart agriculture,” “agrobusiness,” and “gainful agriculture” are more realistic and agriculture has real potential to become a leading-edge industry. Agriculture could provide a positive workplace, help feed people, and protect nature and the environment, and depending on the situation, we might even expect agriculture to make a comeback as a mainstay of Japan’s national economy.

In terms of the environment, food waste and food loss are big problems around the world, even in Japan. And it should not be ignored that the practice of agriculture itself disrupts the true material cycling system and impacts the environment. Is it possible that technology has the power to solve even these environmental problems and bring us a new way of living with agriculture?


Location: 1-chome Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Site area: Approx. 36,900m² (tower plus the East and West districts)
Height: 634m
Building type: Observatory (first at 350m; second at 450m)
Structure: Steel, steel-reinforced concrete, and reinforced concrete
Foundation work: Cast-in-place concrete piles and underground continuous wall piles
Commencement of work: July 2008
Completion: February 2012
Client: Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., Ltd.
Architect: Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
Constructor: Obayashi Corporation
0983 512 166